• A Learning Analytics System that is
    customised for you.

    Edlytica is a powerful, flexible and user-friendly software platform for administration and learners.

  • A system that helps
    institutions to grow

    Edlytica gives you 360 degree view of your business in real time on your mobile.

  • A system that understands
    Your child

    Edlytica uses individual learner’s data to understand learning patterns and identify learning potential.

  • A system that connects
    all stakeholders

    Edlytica brings together all stakeholders to make informed decisions for GREAT results.

What we Offer

Data loss decreased to


with our paperless system

Each school saved


human hours per year

Organizational efficiency



More than


increase in stakeholder satisfaction

fully responsive

Product Benefits


  • All platform support
  • Intuitive user interfaces
  • Highly scalable
  • Compatible with eLearning
  • Flexible bespoke pricing
  • Automated administration
  • Parent Mobile App
  • Customised reporting

How we are helping

A customised system

Edlytica empowers administrators and teachers by automating and scheduling much of their busy work. It lets you take back time to get on with the more important things through add in intuitive course setup, user management, and reporting tools.

Helping institutions to grow

The perfect situation to be in for an institution is scalability and flexibility. We not only help you manage your institution better but also give you critical information that will help you grow. Edlytica provides you with the competitive advantage that you need.

We understand your child

Centrality of every learner as a genius is mandatory. It collects, analyses and integrates data trails from learners to help them identify their areas of strengths and work on their weaknesses.

Connecting all stakeholders

Active engagement of all stakeholders ensures minimal time lag and maximum convenience. It facilitates high-quality relationship management for performance enhancement and efficient delivery of services.

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